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Denim Revival

Posted on 26 April, 2019 at 13:40

Hello and welcome once again,

How delighted we are to present you with 'today yesterday tomorrow clothing' second post, mostly and fabulously Denim related of course!

Denim Revival

In other words, how to bring back the 'brand new look' to my jeans :)

The most common sign of a favoured pair of jeans are the wear patches, which look great however not always smart. With roughly 70 million pairs of jeans being sold in the UK every year it's no wonder that a worn pair can just be easily replaced.

In year 1879 saw the production of the worlds oldest pair of jeans from a popular brand, which indicates that a good pair of jeans can actually serve for a lifetime and beyond.

Ok, enough talk lets look into some ideas to get your favourite denims up and running looking like new.

To even out colour on the overall jeans, Dylon have a selection of dyes especially made for jeans, follow instructions with care and be sure to select the shade best suited to your jeans, we prefer to pick a slightly darker shade because the jeans are due to fade over time, but the choice is entirely up to you. Please note that if the jeans have colour contrasting stitching, occasionally the stitches might take on the colour of the dye, however if the manufacturer used a strong polyester or waxed thread on your beloved garment, the stitches would least likely be effected by the dyeing process.


Darning is a great way to repair delicate to severe tears on denim fabric, areas of vulnerability on the jeans whereby the denim becomes very soft and slightly fuzzy, once in this state it's only a matter of time when hole/s appear. Darning offers security to surrounding areas of the damage in order not to escalate the problem. There are many guides on the internet to darning or perhaps a local alterations/ tailor would be able to carry out the job for you.

Image via Heddels

Denim Care Q&A

Thank you for your emails, we didn't expect to receive such love on our first post x

Hi Samantha great post!

I have taken the best care to look after my jeans, but they always manage to get holey on the inner thighs. What can I do to prevent this from happening to any future pairs?


Hello Karen, thanks for your email. It sounds like darning would be your best option, if you have any jeans with holes perhaps look for a local tailor/ alterations genius, they can work wonders on denim and it's a reasonably priced service. We hope this helps!

Hi Samantha, thanks for sharing the denim careDon't laugh :) I love my flared jeans, I wear them with cropped sweaters or a cropped blouse, do you have any ideas to enhance my casual look?


Hey Gloria, Thanks for the email. Have you tried ironing a centre seam and mildly statrching the denim? it's a next level look :)

Are knee patches cool?


Hi there, yes yes yes! patches are indeed cool. There are many cool shops with so many patches to choose from. We like Koo Style in Camden London check them out!

Great post Samantha!

I live in a relatively cold part of the globe, if I hand wash my jeans and leave to air dry, they may be a little unpleasant to wear or smell a little, are there any other ways to dry my jeans naturally without the pong?


Hi Petra, thanks for your message. If you have access to an airing cupboard and a bucket [for drips] that would be fitting, if not get two large dry bath sheets/towels place one sheet on a flat open surface or a bath tub place your jeans on top and then place a dry towel on top of the jeans. leave for up-to 5 hours and then hang the jeans to air dry in the warmest room available. 

Thank you all for reading, we hope that you find our tips useful, we welcome any comments, questions and tips, feel free to send your posts to: [email protected]

Today yesterday tomorrow clothing at London Fashion Week

Model wears: 'Fallon dress' made from recycled denim.

Bye for now

Samantha x

Denim Loving

Posted on 27 March, 2019 at 13:10

Hello and welcome to 'in the Blue',

Here at today .yesterday .tomorow Clothing, as an ethical Denim collections company, we'd love to share our tips, tricks and capsule styles with you.

Feel free to email your comments and questions to: [email protected]

How to care for Denim.

I get it, you have a favourite pair of Jeans and dreading the look of them after their recent frolics in the washing machine, huh?

Firstly try not to machine wash your Jeans too often, Jeans are made to be durable, think of their initial purposes in the mid-19th century whereby, a good pair of Jeans were made to last and endure the effects of hard laboring, wear and tear. We'll take you through the history of denim in one of our up and coming blogs.

follow these sacred Jean preserving steps;

Clean individual dirt marks with a damp cloth, spray with water and mild detergent if necessary and leave Jeans to air dry, aim to enjoy at least 4 wears out of your Jeans before fully washing.

Our recommended brushes

Use a sturdy bristle brush on dry denim to get rid of any small dried caked-on patches, circular motions with the brush on the problem areas should do the trick.

Korbond Double sided brush £6

Modern man Clothes Brush £4.95



Once you feel that your Jeans have reached the stage of washing, we have a great 'decades' old practice for you to try.

Find below a mild laundry detergent recipe, to help keep your blues blue and durable

mild laundry detergent solution :) 


    1. Large Bowl
    2. Sturdy large wooden spoon or large spatula
    3. Heavy duty Household rubber gloves
    4. Large clean towel to cover your work tops or floor incase of spillage
    5. Apron or old shirt
    6. Protective goggles
    7. Household Soda
    8. Household Soap or soap flakes
    9. Borax or Borax substitute

Household soap £7.10

Household Soda/ Soda Crystals £1.50 1.5kg

Borax Substitute  £4.41 100g

Please protect your skin, handswork surfaces, clothing and most importantly your eyes by wearing protective gear.

    • Grate or blitz 1 bar of household soap in a blender until finely chopped
    • Add 6 tablespoons of household soda into a bowl or large jar
    • Add 6 tablespoons of Borax or Borax substitute to the soda
    • Add 3 tablespoons of soap flakes/your blended soap to the mixture

If using a bowl, use the wooden spoon to evenly mix your mixture, do make sure that you are wearing gloves!

If using a jar, place the lid securely and shake to evenly mix your detergent.


Fill a large bowl or bath tub with cold water, at least 15inches deep

Add 3 Tablespoons of your detergent, use your wooden spoon or spatula to disolve your mixture by gently swirling the water

Add up to 5 similar colored items to the water including your Jeans, again use your wooden spoon or spatula to submerge the garments and to mix with the detergent

Leave items to soak for upto 1 hour and use your clothes brush to scrub any stubborn stains

Remove clothes from the water and gently wring

Dispose of the used water

Fill bowl or bath tub with cold water upto 15 inches deep

Add garments to the water to rinse off excess detergent

Leave clothing in the water for 20 mins, then drain the water and wring the gaments

Leave your freshly washed clothes to air dry.


Store your detergent in a cool place away from direct sunlight and out of the reach of children.

Photographer: Chiara De Propis

Models Wearing; today .yesterday .tomorrow 

'Rubina' Dress and 'See Me' trouser suit

Until the next time
Peace out!

much luv

x Samantha x